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By qGKyBUbDBzpp
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8 years ago

I was originally thnniikg of getting the original WG150 model from the infomercial when I happened across this new WG151 model and I'm glad I did. I had been using an expensive gas trimmer from a lawn specialty shop but the carburetor got gummed up and the shop was 3 weeks behind so I decided to look into one of the newer cordless electric models. There seemed to be a lot of complaints with the nicad battery of the original so it was the lithium ion battery of this model that sold me on it. It charges quickly in about 40 min for me and I can finish my trimming in about 30 min with charge left when I'm done. As others have stated, its not as powerful as a gas trimmer but cuts grass just fine. I wouldn't use it to clear a field but works great for trimming around the house, fence, and swing set. I also find that it doesn't nick up wood posts as bad if I accidentally get too close. This model is slightly upgraded as well as the edging wheels are now rubberized instead of just plastic. The auto feed head works very well for me, note that it does not feed while you trim, if you read the manual it only feeds when it is stopped and you start it up, sometimes if I let it get too short I have to stop and start it a few times to get it to full length, not a big deal since it is just pulling the trigger. Replacement spools are very inexpensive with the free spools for life program from the manufacturer, I ordered some right away and received them in about a week. Overall I am very pleased. Oh and much lighter than my gas trimmer as well so I find it much less of a chore to do so I am less likely to put off trimming until the next lawn mowing. Now only if they would make a lithium ion mower here in the states