Energina, una gaseosa fancy de Hierbaluisa


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7 years ago

The problem is, in tneihcag them a lesson, it might severely hurt the economy and cause people who had nothing to do with the loans/mortgages to lose their jobs and suffer.In a capitalist system, if banks fail, the whole economy will go to a mess. Companies require loans to grow, people require loans to buy cars and houses, the construction industry requires people to buy houses to keep people employed, same with the auto industry, and so on and so on.It is unfortunate that some banks made poor decisions, and that people were buying houses they could not afford. I frankly don't know why people do it, nor why they get in massive amounts of credit card debt, but that is a different topic.We simply can't afford for major banks to shut down and for depositors to lose their money. Besides, how much will this cost compared to what one week in Iraq costs? Was this answer helpful?